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    Love the sailor costumes!


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    One Direction, Hawaiian style!


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    Which 1D guy would you most want to 'kiss you'?


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    Cozy up with these 1D skiers!


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    Talk about a winter wonderland!


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    One Direction or 007?


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    Best 1D video ever? We have no doubt!


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    It's finally here, Directioners! One Direction has just released their too-cute (and HILARIOUS) music video for their next single off of Take Me Home: "Kiss You"!

    In it, the guys take you behind-the-scenes of some of their most over-the-top photoshoots (think skiing on a fake hill and driving in front of green screens) on the way to making their silliest music vid yet! And oh, did we mention that they're shirtless in one scene?

    Check it out below -- and tell us: What's your favorite part of "Kiss You"?

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    According to several reports, pop star power couple Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have called it quits!

    "They are both really busy and never in one place for long. Harry's really upset about the split and is really sensitive about it," the source says. "Loads of his friends told him to be careful and that it was never going to last, and he feels a little foolish now that it's fallen apart so quickly."

    The pair were last spotted on vacation in the British Virgin Islands where they posed for photos with fans at a local restaurant. However, Taylor reportedly headed home from the vacation early on January 4 following a huge fight. Harry was then spotted on the nearby Necker Island spending time with friends, before landing solo at London's Heathrow Airport on January 7.

    What do you think? Do you think Harry and Taylor have ended things?

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    One-Direction-Best Kiss-You-Moments.jpeg

    Ever since One Direction's "Kiss You" music video debuted today, it's all that's been blasting on repeat on every J-14 Magazine staffers computer. From sailor boys to beach bums and ski hotties... it's impossible not to obsess over every moment of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Zayn Malik's crazy antics. So the J-14 editors are sharing our favorite moments... and we can't wait to hear yours.

    "The whole video is adorable, but I think it's especially hilarious when Harry covers up his nipples... all four of them!" --Deputy Editor Ashley Spencer

    "Oh, don't make me pick! I love when Harry cradles a fake baby when he sings the word 'Baby' in the jailbird costume, when Louis strikes his oh-so-serious vogue poses in the Hawaiian costume, when Zayn goes swimming with his orange floaties (as if Zayn can swim, come on) ... and of course when all of One Direction do the wave -- in the wave!" --Editor-in-Chief Rachel Chang

    "My favorite moment is when Zayn gets chased by the shark. I don't blame that shark, I'd chase him too." --Designer Tanya Swartz

    "The surfing scene, especially where Zayn is fake swimming in the waves with his floaties. Love that he's not ashamed about not being able to swim... and the shark was a nice added touch." --Photo Assistant Nicole Mazza

    "My favorite part of the video is the beginning when Zayn, Harry, and Liam are on the motorcycle and Louis and Niall are in the convertible. I think it's so funny how Harry and Liam seem to pop out of nowhere and then you see that they're just in front of a green screen! It really shows off their personalities and it looks like they're all actually having fun together." --Assistant Editor Laura Knipping

    "When Liam gets out of the sidebar and starts running on the green screen road while Zayn is driving the motorcycle! So funny! So cute!" --Editorial Associate Katie Amey

    "The more 1D the better! I love all the guys dancing in jail... multiplied!" --Photo Editor Danielle Kepler

    Now we want to hear what your favorite moment from the One Direction "Kiss You" video is... and if you haven't seen it (shame on you!), watch it now by clicking here.

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    We can't get enough of Little Mix here at J-14, and we absolutely loved catching up with Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne last month -- but unfortunately, Perrie Edwards was off sick with tonsillitis! Now that she's recovered, Perrie called us up to talk all things Little Mix, The X Factor UK, their plans for U.S. domination, and yes, even her uber-famous One Direction BF Zayn Malik.

    J-14: First things first! What made you decide to audition for 'The X Factor UK' to begin with?
    Perrie Edwards:
    My mum. [Laughs] To be honest, I did not want to audition for 'The X Factor.' I was so scared. I had no confidence. I had never really sung in front of that many people before. So, it was really nerve-wracking. But my mum, she woke me up at like 4 in the morning, and was like, 'You're going to The X Factor!' I was like, 'No, mum! People will laugh at me. People will actually laugh! I don't want to!' And she was like, 'You have to!' But I think, luckily, thanks to my mum, I actually went and it's the best thing I've ever done. So, thank you mum!

    J-14: Aw! Okay, what was your favorite 'The X Factor UK' performance? [We can't get enough of the girls' winning single performance of "Cannonball"!]
    I loved when we performed "ET" [by Katy Perry] for Halloween Week. That was really fun. It was fun to play a character and be little freaky dolls. It was just really good.

    J-14: We're also absolutely obsessed with the dog that you and Zayn recently got! How did you decide to get him -- and where does the name Hatchi come from?
    Me and Leigh-Anne are obsessed with animals. We've always wanted to get a band dog. But Jesy and Jade were like, 'No! We're not getting a dog!' So Leigh-Anne and I were like, 'Fine, we'll just get our own.' Leigh-Anne just got a puppy off her boyfriend and obviously I've got Hatchi -- and I just love him to death! He's like a big fluffball! I wish I could take him everywhere with me but he's a bit naughty. I need to train him a bit more first and then I can. [The name is from] a film about a dog called 'Hatchi: A Dog's Tale.' And it's quite a depressing movie. I didn't really name him that because of the movie -- I just liked the name!

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    Now that we've chatted with all of the Little Mix girls -- Perrie, Jesy, Jade, and Leigh-Anne -- we can reveal all the answers to the fun game that we had them play! We asked each of the girls to describe their other three bandmates using one word only and their choices are super revealing! Check out their answers below and see how their responses compare!

    Leigh-Anne says:

    Jade: "I would say that Jade is very organized." [Laughs]
    Jesy: "I'd say Jesy is very strong-minded."
    Perrie: "I would say Perrie is very happy."

    Perrie says:
    Jade: "Jade would be brainy, because she's really intelligent."
    Jesy: "Jesy would be hilarious because she cracks me up all the time."
    Leigh-Anne: "Leigh-Anne's got a heart of gold."

    Jesy says:
    Jade: "I would say Jade is cute."
    Leigh-Anne: "I would say that Leigh-Anne is ditzy."
    Perrie: "I would say that Perrie is free." [Laughs]

    Jade says:
    Jesy: "Jesy is funny."
    Leigh-Anne: "Leigh-Anne is messy."
    Perrie: "Perrie is bubbly."

    What do you think of Little Mix? Are you a fan of the girls? Do you want to see more Little Mix in J-14?

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    If you were as bummed as we were when Emblem3 got the boot on this past season of 'The X Factor,' you'll be happy to know that they've just signed a record deal with Syco Music and Columbia Records! Wesley and Keaton Stromberg and Drew Chadwick are already in the studio working on their debut album due out later this year.

    The So-cal non-boyband will be working with some of the top hit makers in the industry including Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte, and producers who've worked with One Direction, Ke$ha, and Nicki Minaj.

    "With our new teammates at Columbia and Syco and along with Savan, I hope we can not only produce some empowering tunes, but also impact other people in a positive way and maybe help brighten things up a bit," Weley says. "Music is all we've ever wanted to do - and this is what we love to do. Simon Cowell was an excellent mentor and we were proud to have him as ours. We hope to keep a good relationship alive with him not only as business partners but as friends."

    Are you excited for Emblem3's first album? Leave your congratulations for them below!

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    Struck By Lightning, starring Chris Colfer, Sarah Hyland, and Rebel Wilson, officially hits theaters on January 11 -- and in honor of the film, we caught up with Sarah to find out what it was like to work on this hilarious dark comedy (written by Chris Colfer!). 'Struck By Lightning' tells the story of Carson, an aspiring writer, who blackmails some of the most popular students on campus to join his literary magazine -- and who has some hilarious (and so touching!) moments along the way. Here, Sarah dishes on working with Chris and her boyfriend Matt Prokop (who's also in the flick!) and how the story compares to her own high school experiences.

    J-14: What initially attracted you to this film?
    Sarah Hyland:
    Well, the fact that Chris wrote the script -- I was in no matter what! We were friendly before, but not on a super personal basis, so it was so much fun to work with him.

    J-14: You play the mean cheerleader type in 'Struck By Lightning' -- which is so not what you're like in real life! Is it hard to get into character?
    I mean, I don't want to say it's pretty easy because I'm like that, but I grew up watching films like 'Bring It On' and those high school movies where there's always the mean girl. It's always fun to play that because it's so opposite!

    J-14: Along with Chris and Rebel, you also got to work with your boyfriend Matt! What was that like?
    It was amazing! There were so many people around my age in the film. It was the first time ever experienced that.

    J-14: Was it different than working with Matt on 'Geek Charming'?
    It was completely different! Our characters didn't really interact. We were in a couple of scenes together, but our characters were from completely different worlds in that high school. He was more of the laid-back, chill crowd and I was more of the not-so-nice cheerleader crowd. So, it was a lot of fun for us because I think he decided that his character didn't like mine and I didn't like his!

    J-14: Aw! And while the film is so funny, it also deals with some pretty heavy issues, like bullying. Is that something you experienced in your high school?
    I went to a performing arts school, so there wasn't really a lot of bullying. If you take all the theater nerds from a bunch of public schools and put them in one school, no one really has crazy differences. Granted there was the normal drama that you have in high school, but there wasn't really bullying in my school. [But for anyone going through that], I would say stick to your guns and be proud of who you are as a person. Your friends are going to accept you no matter what because they will like you for who you are.

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    British pop singer Conor Maynard released his debut album 'Contrast' on January 8 and we couldn't be more excited about it! Jam-packed with catchy dance beats like "Can't Say No," "Vegas Girl," and "Turn Around" we've definitely had this album on repeat.

    "I want to show that I have something completely different to offer to the music industry," Conor tells J-14. "It's all about being original. I've got a bit of an older sound in terms of working with people like Frank Ocean and Pharrell -- the more hip-hop and R&B side of it as opposed to just pop. Obviously there's pop elements inside there as well. One of the reasons I named the album 'Contrast' is because I feel like it's a contrast of what people might be expecting."

    Will you be picking up Conor Maynard's new album?

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    Hey J-14ers!

    Since one of my favorite bands Action Item announced their 2013 winter headlining The Resolution Tour, I couldn't wait for the date to come when the tour stopped at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City. With a great lineup including brother trio Before You Exit, South Dakota's pop-rockers Paradise Fears and special guests Hello Highway and Married To Jonas' Mikey Deleasa's band playing, I knew it was going to be a great night.

    I've seen Action Item play a handful of times throughout the years and I've never been disappointed with their energy packed live show. One of my favorite moments of the night was when they performed their single "Marching Band", with Sam Miller, the lead singer from Paradise Fears. The drum breakdown at the end is incredible and always captivates their audience. I've loved watching these Jersey boys grow as a band and I can't wait to catch them on the Vans Warped Tour this summer and see what their bright future holds.

    Check out clips from the night's performances including exclusive shoutouts from Action Item, Paradise Fears, Before You Exit, Mikey Deleasa, and Hello Highway to J-14 below!

    Rock on,
    J-14 Photo Assistant

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    Chris Colfer's amazing new movie, Struck by Lightning, officially hits theaters today -- and we could not be more excited for the film's release! The film, based on the novel -- both written by Chris -- is the story of Carson Phillips, an aspiring writer, who blackmails the most popular kids in his high school to submit to his literary magazine. Along with his best friend, played by Rebel Wilson, Carson (who's also played by Chris) faces everything from a difficult family situation to the disappointment of not getting into the college of his choice -- while never losing his sarcastic wit! [Editor's note: This was one of the only movies this year that made me laugh and cry all at the same time!] In honor of the film's release, we caught up with Chris to talk all things 'Struck by Lightning' -- and how much of the film is based on his real-life high school experiences!

    J-14: How did this whole project come to be for you?
    Chris Colfer:
    Well, it started out as a bit of a passion project in high school and then luckily I had a little success with Glee. And I thought, 'Wow, I actually have a platform and an opportunity to maybe get this done.'

    J-14: So, you write this book -- and then decide to turn it into a screen play! Was it difficult to adapt the novel into a movie?
    I think writing the novel was much more difficult because any time you write any kind of book, it's very, very challenging. It actually wasn't that difficult writing the screenplay. It actually flowed very nicely. I didn't really struggle with it too much. But luckily I had had that screenplay, which was almost an outline for the novel -- the novel was taking that screenplay and stretching it out as much as possible and creating character dynamics and relationships that weren't in the screenplay or the movie. [And during filming] I was constantly re-writing the script. Every time I would flub a line or get it wrong, the script supervisor would come over and be like, 'Hey, you got this wrong.' And I'd be like, 'Nope! I re-wrote it!' [Laughs]

    J-14: Too funny! Okay, be honest: how much of Carson is really high-school aged Chris?
    I would say the whole story is inspired loosely on experiences that I had in high school. I think Carson is someone that I always wish I was -- I always wish I could vocalize my opinions as freely as he did, but I was always too afraid.

    J-14: Were you on your high school's literary magazine like Carson was?
    I was! I was president of the Writer's Club in my high school and the big thing that we did every year was the literary magazine. And getting people to submit writing to the literary magazine was horrible. The things that I would do to try to convince people to submit short stories and poetry was just ridiculous. I mean, at one point, I was photocopying their homework assignments. [Laughs]

    J-14: Oh my gosh! Sounds like something Carson would do! So, as funny as this film is, it also deals with some serious subjects that teens face -- like bullying and blackmail. What would your advice be for teens struggling with bullying at school?
    Probably the same advice that I give myself now: that it just doesn't matter. People are always going to have their opinions and people are always going to try to bring you down, especially if you have a little bit of an advantage over them in some area. I think the best thing to do is to kind of do what Carson does and to remember that high school ends and that people are always going to have an opinion.

    J-14: And just for fun: tell us one thing that no one knows about you?
    Hmm...a lot of people don't believe me, but I'm really into jiu-jitsu! A lot of people think I'm really sarcastic, but I actually really am into ninja stuff. I own a lot of ninja weapons and am semi-trained in a lot of them. And everyone always assumes that I'm joking, but I'm not. And there are videos online to prove it. I'm also a really great baker -- I love baking cookies!

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    One Direction has one less teen today -- as Zayn Malik turns 20 years old! His bandmates have been celebrating by Tweeting up a storm with Harry Styles writing, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAD BOIIII!! Happy 20th to a great great friend. Had some amazing times, looking forward to more! Love you bro .x"

    Niall Horan posted, "Massive happy birthday to one of my best mates! @zaynmalik ! 20 now ! Wohoo! Pints." Join J-14 Magazine in wishing Zayn Malik a very happy birthday today, January 12th.

    Fun Facts about Zayn Malik:
    - Zayn's name is actually spelled "Zain" -- and appeared that way when he was on The X Factor UK -- but he changed it to "Zayn" because he liked the way it looked better (so do we!).
    - Zayn told J-14 that he always wears two pairs of socks on his size 8 feet.
    - "I'm double jointed in my left thumb -- kinda weird," Zayn told J-14... and demonstrated in the video below, filmed one year and two days ago.

    Leave your birthday wishes for Zayn Malik below!

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    Shake It Up's Zendaya met up with friends -- and her niece! -- to go ice skating at The Nokia Plaza in downtown L.A. "With my little niece," she Tweeted along with a Mobli video of them skating. Click here to see the adorable video!

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    We know that choosing your prom dress is a huge (but still really fun!) task, so we're making it easy to find your perfect look for your big dance!

    Visit every day in February and enter for your chance to win a dream dress from Blush, Tony Bowls Shorts, and Jovani!

    We love this Tony Bowls Shorts dress (above) that retails for $298. With sparkly details and gorgeous blue and green shades in the skirt, it's sure to make your eyes pop!

    Check out even more amazing prom dresses in the March issue of J-14, on stands February 18, 2013!

    What's your dream prom dress? Tell us below!

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